Breaking News SC refuses to waive cost of Rs 50,000 imposed...

SC refuses to waive cost of Rs 50,000 imposed for petitioner for filing ‘frivolous petition’


New Delhi, Jul 5 (ILNS) The Supreme Court today dismissed a petition, urging the the apex court to waive off cost of Rs 50,000 imposed on the petitioner by the apex court for filing an ‘absolutely frivolous’ PIL.

The matter was today listed before the Bench of Justices Rohinton Fali Nariman, KM Joseph and BR Gavai. Petitioner’s Counsel A Deb Kumar prayed for withdrawal of his application for waving off the cost.

The Bench asked, when he will pay the fine? The Counsel informed that his client has filed a review against the said order and also discharged him from the case. Following which, the Court dismissed the application.

A PIL was earlier filed by Syed Waseem Rizvi against some verses in the Holy Quran, alleging tgat those verses violated the law of land, promoted extremism and terrorism and posed a serious threat to the sovereignty, unity and integrity of the country.

On April 12, 2021, a three-Judge Bench of Justices Rohinton Fali Nariman, BR Gavai and Hrishikesh Roy had dismissed the plea and also imposed a hefty fine of Rs 50,000 on the petitioner, while terming the PIL as ‘absolutely frivolous’.

The review petition filed on May 11 has not yet been listed.

In the PIL, Mr Rizvi had claimed that these verses were added to the holy book of Muslims later. “These verses were added to the Quran, by the first three Caliphs, to aid the expansion of Islam by war and these verses promoted violence,” it alleged.

According to the petitioner, “Terrorists use these verses to fuel jihad. These verses are used to mislead the young Muslim generation, provoking them to become radicals and terrorists, resulting in the massacre of millions of innocents.”

In the review petition, Mr Rizvi contended that the top court dismissed the petition without taking into consideration the very important factum that “radicalisation is increasing in our country on a very fast pace and we are heading towards another partition of the country in the near future”.

“The questions raised by the Reviewer/Petitioner in his Public Interest Petition are very important and significant for the safety, security, peace, harmony, unity, integrity and sovereignty of the Country and deserve to be considered in detail in the open Court…this court overlooked the issue relating to national security and without considering the arguments advanced on behalf of the petitioner,” the review petition contended.

It said, “Not only this, the reviewer/petitioner is receiving life-threatening calls on a day-to-day basis for the last over three months from the extremist/fundamentalist elements, who have no respect for law and openly use derogatory and filthy language against the Reviewer/Petitioner and threaten to kill him by cutting his throat.” ILNS/KR/RJ


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