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Chief Justice NV Ramana urges Legal community to Join active politics like the lawyers led the Independence Movement


Ssangeeta Sharma

Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana urged the legal fraternity to join public life and contribute towards the nation with their wisdom, knowledge and experience as it was done during the Independence movement.

Speaking at the Independence day function organised by the Supreme Court Bar Association, The CJI asked the lawyers to also spare time for public service, instead of just focusing on practice. It is the time lawyers should lead and participate actively in the social and public life. Don’t confine yourself to earning money and living comfortably, The CJI said.

Please think over, and you must actively participate in public life. Do some good service , and I hope and expect good days will come to the country, when you will contribute your knowledge your wisdom your experience to this country and people will also feel happy, CJI added.

The CJI said, Apart from celebrating this independence day, this is an occasion for all of us to rethink and review our policies, what we have achieved? and what we have to achieve in future? The 75 years is not a small period in country’s history. But at the same time, we have to look into the vast population and geographical conditions of this country, particularly at that time, when India got independence in 1947

The CJI said we have seen that the Freedom struggle was led mainly by lawyers. Take any national level leader, from Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Babu Rajendra Prasad All were from the legal community and were legal luminaries. They not only sacrificed their profession, they sacrificed their properties, their family, and everything, and led the country for the Independence movement and gave this independence to the country. And if you take into consideration, the very first session of the lok Sabha, and of Rajya Sabha was filled with the lawyers community. Unfortunately, over a period of time things have changed drastically.

You know, what is happening in the houses, in the legislation, either in Parliament Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha or any other houses.

If you see the debates which used to take place in these houses earlier, those days is very very wise, constructive and they used to debate any legislation which they were making. I’ve seen one debates which had taken place, about the industrial dispute Act some amendments and all that, a member of Tamil Nadu CPM leader discussed it elaborately. What are the consequences if you make these amendments in the industrial dispute act? how it affects the working class? Same way, different different laws were discussed and deliberated. So the burden of the courts, while interpreting or implementing the laws was very less. So we had a clear picture to what to the legislative part, what they want to tell us why they are making such a legislation was clear. Now, it is a sorry state of affairs. We see in the legislation, a lot of gaps, a lot of ambiguity in making laws. There is no clarity in laws. We don’t know what purpose the laws are for? which is creating lots of litigation, inconvenience and loss to the government as well as inconvenience to the public.

Among other dignitaries who attended the 76th Independence day event were Supreme Court judge Justice A.M. Khanwilkar, Solicitor General of India Tushar Mehta, SCBA President Vikas Singh, Vice President Pradeep Rai and the members of the executive committee./ ILNS/SNG


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